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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Old Navy Thinks My Daughter Has to be a *Ballerina* Monkey

Like a lot of moms this time of year, I’ve started looking around for potential Halloween costumes for my little girl.  I like to start on the web because it’s easy to see who carries what.  My daughter has a keen interest in sheep and tigers right now, so I was looking for something along that line.  I was pretty excited when I saw that Old navy carries Halloween costumes, and they even have a tiger no less!  My excitement turned to dismay when I saw this:


Um yeah…because basic animal costumes are for boys.  Here is a snapshot of the girls’ collection:


Guess girls have to be *ballerina* monkeys, if they are to be monkeys at all.  Gah!
Just to be clear, I’ve got nothing against girls dressing up as cupcakes or Snow White or even ballerina monkeys.  But I don’t see why girls can’t also dress up as tigers, sharks, or regular monkeys.  Way to keep promoting the stereotypes, Old Navy.  I expected a lot better from you.

I was annoyed enough to actually email their customer service about this.
Me:  I was looking at your Halloween costumes for girls and boys, and I have a real problem with the way they’re segregated.  All of the “boys” costumes are simple animals like a tiger, monkey, etc.  Why can these not also be “girls” costumes?  Why does the “girls” monkey have to be a ballerina version?  And why would you assume that girls want to be cupcakes but not tigers?

I got a reply which was as follows: Please know it is never our intention to upset or frustrate our customers in anyway. We do our best to offer our customers top quality, fashionable merchandise at a fair price, and we regret disappointing you.  Blah blah blah…

I didn’t think it was their intention.  I’m sure this was purely unintentional, but what I’m asking them to do here is think a little bit.  Maybe there could just be a generic “Halloween costume” section for kids?

When I was a kid, I think there was one year when I dressed as a princess for Halloween.  But in other years I went as a tiger, a witch, a gift box (yeah that looked as funny as it sounds), etc.  I don’t know if I’m just old and times have changed or what.  All I know is that my daughter loves tigers and leopards and sheep, so that’s what she’s going to be for Halloween.  Even if that means she gets a costume from the boys’ section.